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The Top 5 Longevity Tips We’ve Heard On The mindbodygreen Podcast – KTYK

We’ve discussed simple-yet-powerful longevity staples, but there is absolutely a time and place for buzzy biohacking technology. It’s an exciting time to explore longevity treatments—why not take advantage of them if you can?  

Take NAD+ therapy, for instance: “We have NAD+ constantly in every cell in our bodies all the time, going from a high energy state to a low energy state and facilitating expansive biochemical reactions,” explains Matt Cook, M.D., founder of BioReset Medical, during his interview. “Those could be making energy in your mitochondria, turning on DNA repair, [or] turning on sirtuin super-family, which has to do with extending longevity.” 

Like most good things, your natural supply of NAD+ declines with age—but supporting your NAD+ through supplements, lifestyle habits, and treatments can help you maintain solid levels. One that Cook is particularly interested in is NAD+ IV therapy, where NAD+ is administered through a vein in a standard saline solution.

Longevity specialist and board-certified surgeon Darshan Shah, M.D., also counts himself a fan: “Your sleep is better, you think clearer…you just have much more energy throughout your day,” he shares in his episode. You can read more about NAD+ IV therapy here, if you’re still curious. 

“Overall, I think it’s a very safe thing to do,” Cook adds, although it’s not for everyone. Always chat with a doctor before booking the treatment to make sure it’s right for you, and always get it done under the supervision of a responsible healthcare practitioner.

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