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Can Collagen Support Muscle Mass? Plus, What To Look For – KTYK

Quick note: The reason collagen supplements are beneficial for your skin is because, when formulated correctly, they can help promote your body’s natural production of collagen1.*

What you may not know is that parts of our muscles are made up of collagen, too. It only makes sense, then, that clinical studies demonstrate hydrolyzed collagen supplementation supports muscle strength2.

In fact, according to Nour Zibdeh, M.S., RDN, CLT, “Collagen can also support lean muscle and help improve body composition.*“ While this is still an emerging area of research, science has shown that collagen supplements can support skeletal muscle mass and strength3 as well.* 

And the results are even greater when paired with strength training: In one small clinical study, men who took collagen daily while participating in an exercise program gained more muscle mass2 than those who only completed the exercise program.*

This doesn’t mean collagen supplements can replace protein powder, but they may be a worthy addition to your routine. Still, you have to find the right product. 

When shopping for collagen supplements, you should prioritize hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides, as this is the form most often used in many of the emerging research studies. The hydrolization process breaks down the larger collagen bonds so your body can actually digest it.

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