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Best Workout Leggings For Every Activity & Body Type – KTYK

According to Nicole Teribery, DPT, NASM CPT, finding your favorite pair of leggings is a journey—and quality and comfort are of the utmost importance.

“As a NASM certified personal trainer, physical therapist, and lover of all exercise, I’ve tried many brands and styles of workout leggings,” she says. “Whether it’s weight training, yoga, HIIT, cycle, or crossfit, there is one brand and style I always stick with because of its quality and comfort.” We call out Teribery’s top pick in our list below, but we recommend taking her lead and doing your own trial and error to find the most comfortable, effective pair for yourself.

Julia Stern, Founder of Show Up, agrees that what is comfortable for one body shape might not be for another, so trying on various brands and styles is always a great idea. “This goes without saying, but you want to make sure you’re comfortable in the workout leggings,” she advises. “I know what works for my body and I’ve tried on a lot of different brands. Once you find a style that you like, get them in different colors.”

Stern says the length and rise of the workout leggings are also important factors to consider. “I’m petite and just a little over five feet tall,” she explains. “It used to be very frustrating to have so much of the legging bunched at my ankles.”

Fortunately, many brands now list the inseam length on the tag. “I only buy 25” inseam or cropped leggings that will still hit at my ankles,” Stern says. “Similarly, an extra high rise legging sometimes comes to my chest and then I’m left folding them over. I often go for something that’s more mid-rise and will sit comfortably above my hips. But low rise leggings also exist, if that’s your thing!”

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