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Best Running Shoes For Women, Reviewed By A Podiatrist – KTYK

Shoes designed for activities such as running, walking, or strength training are tailored to the specific demands of each activity.

For example, running shoes are designed for forward motion, while cross trainers support multi-lateral movement. Running shoes will also have more tread than walking shoes. This is because running shoes are engineered to provide the appropriate level of support, cushioning, flexibility, and stability that correspond to the biomechanics and impact forces of each movement.

Sarah Sponaugle, chiropractor and co-founder of Driven Fit, put it plainly: “The difference in running, walking and training shoes is the support design. For running and walking, most of the support is for probation and supination of the foot whereas a good training shoe has all around support to give protection to the ankle for all planes of movement.”

Hillary Brenner, a top podiatrist with practices in NYC and NJ and founder of Dr. Brenner’s RX says, “Running shoes have a greater heel stack height (a more built-up heel) than walking shoes. Walking shoes are less flexible and heavier than running shoes because they’re made for comfort rather than performance.”

“Running shoes also have different levels of heel to toe drop and have better motion control to help with overpronation,” Brenner adds. “The sole of a workout shoe is flatter, making it more flexible to allow a wide range of motion.”

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