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Best Raised Dog Beds | mindbodygreen – KTYK

When you’re shopping for a dog bed, there are plenty of options to sift through, from classic cushions to crate pads to human-sized beds. Raised dog beds are another variation with their own unique advantages.

A raised dog bed, also known as an elevated dog bed or cot-style dog bed, is a type of pet bed that is designed to keep your dog off the ground while providing a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface. It consists of a frame or legs that elevate the bed above the floor, and a fabric or mesh surface stretched across the frame.

The most obvious benefit of raised dog beds is that they tend to be the best options for outdoor use, given their durable construction. That’s a major perk if your dog likes to lounge in your yard or accompany you on camping trips. However, there are other reasons you may decide to purchase a raised dog bed, whether you need an option for indoor or outdoor use.

For starters, the raised design allows air to circulate underneath the bed, which can help regulate your dog’s body temperature. This is especially beneficial in hot temperatures, as it prevents your dog from directly lying on a hot surface and overheating.

Additionally, since raised dog beds are often made with durable materials such as metal frames and sturdy fabrics, they’re more resistant to wear and tear. This can be particularly advantageous for larger or more active dogs, or dogs that like to chew on their beds. Raised dog beds also tend to be lightweight, and you can vacuum the floor underneath them without having to move them.

No matter your reasons for seeking out a raised dog bed, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. We compared a slew of raised dog beds to find the best of the best.

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