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Best Compression Workout Leggings Of 2023, Per Trainers – KTYK

Compression leggings aren’t just any workout legging. They’re made from a specialized fabric that exerts graduated pressure around the ankles and gradually decreases in pressure as it moves up the legs, which increases stability and blood flow to the muscles.

The idea is to improve circulation, reduce muscle fatigue, and potentially enhance athletic performance via compression. Compression leggings provide a tight and supportive fit, which provides additional support to the muscles and joints.

According to sports recovery specialist Joe Barthelemy, compression therapy is a great option for “high-level athletes, fitness enthusiasts, [and] individuals who stand all day for work (nurses, law enforcement, military personnel, teachers).”

Because compression increases blood flow and circulation, it can speed up recovery from a tough workout or workday, Barthelemy explains.

Sarah Sponaugle, co-founder of Driven Fit, explains, “Compression leggings are a type of workout pant that helps increase blood flow during exercise.”

Ianthe Mellors, Fitness Instructor and Dancer, adds that compression leggings are made of denser fabric and are tighter than regular leggings, which allows for greater stability and circulation.

If you want to make the most out of your wardrobe, compression leggings can maximize your movement.

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