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A Holistic Plastic Surgeon’s 3 Tips To Treat Fragile, Crepey Skin – KTYK

“Retinol or prescription-strength Tretinoin has been shown to thicken the dermis, or the deeper layer of the skin,” says Youn. Specifically, retinol can increase collagen production in the skin5, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and crepiness. It does this by accelerating your skin’s natural turnover cycle, welcoming more youthful, healthy skin cells that can better produce collagen. (Here, you can find our all-time favorite retinol serums.)

Of course, retinol isn’t for everyone, and it can cause irritation on more sensitive areas like the neck and chest. In that case, “You can also try applying bakuchiol and hyaluronic acid serums or creams to your skin,” Youn suggests. “Bakuchiol works similarly to retinol to thicken the skin, and hyaluronic acid powerfully hydrates the skin and reduces crepiness.” 

Studies show bakuchiol has similar benefits to retinol without the negative side effects6, making it a worthy alternative. Hyaluronic acid, the beloved humectant, ushers water into the top layer of your skin—and again, moisture is crucial for combating crepiness. Just make sure you seal everything in with a high-quality face cream or body lotion. 

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