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5 Ways To Make Your Underarms Smoother & More Even-Toned – KTYK

For those concerned about underarm hyperpigmentation, let’s talk about the viral glycolic acid hack: a process that entails applying a glycolic acid toner (most often The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Exfoliating Toning Solution) to lighten hyperpigmentation and exfoliate the underarm area. 

Many folks on TikTok praise this affordable product for transforming their underarms, but do dermatologists back this step?

According to Lolis, it’s a worthy addition. “[Glycolic acid] works by breaking up dead skin cells and lowering the pH of the skin, which decreases the bacterial load,” she explains. And reduced bacteria often means reduced underarm odor. 

Plus, “Glycolic acid has the added benefit that it reduces hyperpigmentation,” she says. But here’s the thing: You shouldn’t use just any product out there. Lolis recommends seeking a glycolic acid product with a less than 10% concentration, making the viral product above a worthy investment. 

Use this toner under your arms once or twice a week (rather than daily) to minimize the chance of irritation from over-exfoliation. Of course, if you’re sensitive to the potent AHA, feel free to skip this step.

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