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3 Reasons Your Probiotic Isn’t Working & What To Do – KTYK

For gut health: For a supplement that supports gut health, you can’t beat mindbodgyreen’s probiotic+. Each one-capsule serving contains 10 billion CFUs of B. lactis Bi-07, shown to ease bloating and promote gut comfort1; 10 billion CFUs of B. lactis B420, which has been shown in clinical trials3 to support the gut barrier and encourage healthy weight; 2 billion CFUs of B. lactis HN019 to support digestion and regularity; and 10 billion CFUs of L. acidophilus NCFM to encourage healthy bowel movements4. Our science team hand-picked these strains for their ability to noticeably improve digestion and nutrient absorption and promote abdominal comfort and regularity.* Read all about why reviewers are calling this supplement a “5-course meal” for the gut microbiome. Bonus: There’s no need to refrigerate this shelf-stable formula.

For healthy weight: The B. lactis B420 in mindbodygreen’s probiotic has been found to support a healthy weight in clinical trials. For a probiotic that’s exclusively weight-focused, Bariatric Advantage’s FloraVantage Control Capsules isolate 10 billion CFUs of B. lactis B420 in a clean, single-strain product.*

For vaginal health: And for a top product for women’s health and vaginal comfort, we’ve identified Ora Lady Bugs—a blend of six research-backed strains of Lactobacillus5 (the bacterial genus that composes most of the vaginal microbiome) in clinically relevant doses. These strains can support a healthy vaginal pH and overall vaginal health and comfort.*

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